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A (Very) Short Manifesto

There is a revolution spreading around the world.

You can ride its waves, or be left behind.

It’s one of a kind, with no casualties and no violence. 

Where traditional revolutions aim to destroy, this one aims to build. Where traditional revolutions are against the past, this one is entirely focused on the future.

This new revolution has many names: “Impact Investing,” “Social Investing,” “Investing with Purpose,” just to name a few.

Whatever name you prefer, the goal remains the same: Connecting money and human ingenuity to make profits *AND* do good.

The old slogans are dead

“Greed is good” is wrong.

“Money is always evil” is untrue.

Eventually, our society begins to understand the damage caused by these old slogans.

Change is coming! In fact, change is already here. 

Between 2019 and 2020, assets under management for impact investing grew by +42%, almost twice the growth of the stock market.

Our industry is still in its infancy, but its growth rate already beats the competition.

It’s a simple Manifesto

We have a chance to be at the forefront of this revolution. We should grab this opportunity. We must avoid old mistakes. It’s a very short and simple manifesto.

To achieve these goals, we need access to regular news and great people. We need to be inspired and to inspire.

That’s why we launched Impact in Tech, which is all about news, people, and leading by example.

Beyond impact investing

Within the general industry of impact investing, we focus on Tech for Good, because it’s our passion, our expertise, and because tech innovators can be outstanding agents of change.

Read the news, meet the people, and enjoy the podcast.

Don’t stop there!

Spread the voice of impact investing in tech. Be part of the community. Let's make an impact together every day, as we build up the Impact Nation.

– ELISA, the Impact Lady

About the Founder

Elisa Giudici is a serial digital entrepreneur and angel investor. She serves as non-exec ESG director in multiple companies, advises tech startups, and regularly speaks at corporate events and training sessions. Elisa is the founder of Expanse, the global summit for impact investing in tech, and a strong advocate of women's entrepreneurship & impact investing.

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